• Cal Works recipients
            • 18-24 Year Old Young Adults
            • Unemployed Citizens
            • Displaced Workers
            • Underemployed Workers
The Academy is open to U.S. citizens and other adults who are age 18 and over at the
time of application.

Aliens Eligible To Work
The Academy is open to nationals of the United States, lawfully
admitted permanent resident aliens, refugees, individuals granted asylum, parolees, and other
individuals authorized by the Attorney General to work in the United States.

Academy Priority
Priority will be given to Santa Barbara County residents.

Income Restrictions
There are no current income restrictions for Santa Barbara County WIA
programs except for those currently employed.  Please contact us for the current income

Selective Service
All males who are at least 18 years of age born after December 31, 1959 and
who are not in the Armed Forces on active duty, must be registered for the Selective Service. 

An applicant must provide all required documentation to complete the
eligibility process when they formally apply to the Customer Service Academy.

An employed individual is one who, during the 7 consecutive days prior to completing an
application, did any work at all as a paid employee, in his or her own business, profession or
farm; worked 15 hours pr more as an unpaid worker in an enterprise operated by a member of the
family; or is one who is not working, but has a job or business from which he or she was
temporarily absent because of illness, bad weather, vacation, labor-management dispute, or
personal reasons, whether or not paid by the employer for time-off, and whether or not seeking
another job.

An unemployed individual is one who did not work during the 7 consecutive days prior to
application, who made specific efforts to find a job within the past 4 weeks prior to
application, and who was available for work during the 7 consecutive days prior to application.
Also, included as unemployed are those who did not work, and (a) were waiting to be called back
to a job from which they had been laid off, or (b) were waiting to report to a new wage or
salary job scheduled to start within 30 days.

An underemployed individual is one who is working part time but desires full time employment or
is working in employment not commensurate with the individual.